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Wedding Florals: using colours and meaning in arrangements

Updated: May 14, 2023

Your big day is all about incorporating little touches that represent you and your better half and what better way to achieve this than to associate meaning behind the colour of your florals rather than just taste.

The bouquet above contains hues of white, peach, orange and violet and neighboured by a series of imperfletly placed greenery. The colour white usually represents purity and simplicity. But what about the pop of yellow at the centre? Perhaps this reminds the groom of the warmth and kindness that is at the core of the bride's being. This palette also features various peach tones. Light pastels are often seen as sweet, pleasant and friendly. Perhaps this describes the groom to a T. Meanwhile, the bright and more instense orange flowers symbolize vitality, energy and playfulness which maybe is more fitting for the bride. The colour violet is often associated with luxury and royalty but instead it reminds the couple of the ugly purple walls they still laugh about from that first apartment they ever lived in together. Finally, the messy greenery that surrounds the flowers shows that each of them have their imperfections, but when all stems are put together, it makes the perfect bouquet.

And there you have it, an arrangement that tells an entire story all while looking incredibly aesthetic. There are so many ways to incorporate meaning in your wedding, and if you do this, we promise you, the entire day will be that much more special. Reach out to our team to see how we can help you incorporate meaningful touches to your wedding day.

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