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2024 Wedding Trends

As the 2023 wedding season is reaching its tail end, we are already looking ahead at next year and what’s trending. Here are four projected wedding trends for 2024.

1. Pearls

Reels, articles, blogs and more are all projecting that pearl detailing will be all the hype for next year’s most extravagant parties.

2. Creative floral installs

We have already seen beautiful, imaginative florals make an appearance this year. It is projected that this trent will continue into the next and even be taken one notch further.

3. Film photography

Blue undertones, flash and candid, fun movements and poses. Think 1950 vibes.

4. Dress codes

This may be bad news to some, but the experts are saying it may not be uncommon for you to be presented with a dress code when you receive your next wedding invitation.

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