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Top 5 Wedding Day Regrets

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Weddings have been around for centuries and with that, we've come to learn a few reocurring "would have done differents" from newlyweds. Here are the top five wedding day regrets:

1. Inviting too many people and inviting people you don't really want at your wedding.

We've all heard of it before- the treacherous guilt of who to invite to your wedding. Do you invite someone solely based on the fact that you were invited to their wedding? Do you invite that cousin you haven't seen in 10 years? Do you give in and invite your parents' friends that mom says have to be there? Our answer: your wedding day should be spent with the people who presently love and support you.

2. Not eating.

Your wedding day can be busy, fast paced and a bit chaotic but you should always make the time to sit down, take a breather and enjoy the meal you sent so much time, money and effort on.

3. Not planning alone time with your partner.

This day is about you and your partner celebrating the love you have for eachother. We suggest scheduling at least 15 minutes after the ceremony to take a beat and enjoy the moment. Antother great oportunity is to sneak off for sunset photos just you, your partner and the photographer. First looks are another great option.

4. Drinking too much.

It's one of the biggest days of your life and you deserve to cut loose and have fun! Enjoy that signature drink you designed but don't over do it to the point where you can't remember your wedding day.

5. Not hiring a wedding planner.

You should be able to enjoy your wedding without the pressure of having to be in charge of every little detail. Hiring a wedding planner or finding a venue that includes a day-of coordinator is key for a laid back, stress-free, actually enjoyable wedding day.

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