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Tips For Choosing A Wedding Venue: A Few Things To Consider

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Our province is filled with dozens of wedding venues near and far. We have wedding barns, contemporary spaces, rural getaways and big city showstoppers. How on earth is one supposed to choose? The reality of it is, all venues are beautiful and are good contenders but there are a few things to consider when committing to the one.

First off, we'd like to acknowledge that there are several types of weddings- elopements, destination weddings, etc. But for the sake of this, let's say your wedding is your average size, guest present type of event. Which brings us to our first point: choose a location that is accessible for your guests. Choosing a venue that is within reasonable proximity for the majority of your guests is crucial. This simply ensures that all the important people in your life are willing and able to attend your big day. There will always be valid reasons as to why guests are not able to attend last minute however, choosing a locale that is within reasonable driving distance is proven to decrease the chance of "no shows."

On this topic, even if your guests are within reasonable proximation, you will want to ensure that the venue you choose has ample amenities such as on-site parking and nearby accommodations. Guests aside, your venue should also be flexible and be able to accommodate your vision. Open concept spaces with bare walls and multiple room configurations are key.

While the venue needs to be able to accommodate your vision, another thing to consider is the possibility of your vision not working out to plan- and by this we mean inclement weather. There are so many venues that don’t guarantee a backup plan in case of rain on your wedding day. Choosing a venue that can accommodate you in the occasion of a storm will save you a lot of stress and not to mention money.

Which brings us to our final point to consider: choose a venue that is moderately priced so

that you can still decorate the room the way you always envisioned. It’s true that wedding venue fees will take up a large portion of your budget as this often accounts for the food, drinks, and staffing at your wedding. However, this should not be so large that it takes away from the other necessities such as florals, décor and other add ons.

We wish you nothing but the absolute best of luck in your venue search. Until next time!

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