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4 Ideas To Surprise Your Guests At Your Reception

It's easy to fall within the norm at your wedding. We've all experienced the classic day consisting of a traditional ceremony followed by a decent meal, speeches, maybe a slideshow or two, your typical first dance and party afterwards. If you're yawning reading this and want your wedding to be the talk of the town, this post is for you.

1. Get creative with your guest book.

It's fine to have your average sign in book to mark those who attended your wedding but nowadays there are so many great alternatives out there. One of our absolute favourite concepts is a voicemail audio guestbook and no one does it better than After The Tone, located a short drive from Scotswood in Winnipeg. What better way to remember your guests than by heartfeld voicemails you can playback for years after the big day.

2. Design a different seating arrangement

Instead of the traditional head table at the front of the room, try straying away from the habitual and have a large harvest table at the center. Invite your bridal party's significant others and be surrounded by remaining guests at tables around you.

3. Hire a mixologist

If you've ever seen a mixologist in action, you know that they can get a crowd bumping with their captivating moves. Not only this, but they can create completely original concoctions and incorporate your personal story into their custom creations. If alcoholic beverages aren't your thing, hire a specialty after-dinner coffee bar, complete with baristas concocting cappuccinos and other espresso drinks topped with fun add-ons like chocolate shavings and cinnamon.

4. Flashmob

Choreographed dances at weddings have taken the stage here and there throughout the years but why not take it a step further and arrange an actual flashmob. This concept will take a bit of planning and effort but will guarantee your reception to be unique and remembered for years to come.

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