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30 Ways To Cope With Wedding Stress

Over the past seven years of hosting weddings at Scotswood, we've come to learn a few things that help ease the sometimes stressful journey of hosting a wedding. Here are our 30 ways to cope with wedding stress:

1. Prioritize what's important to you

This isn't anyone else's day but yours and your partner's. Do what you both love and stick to it.

2. Create a budget but be flexible

The reality of wedding planning is that most of the time, you can stick within a budget but it's not uncommon for unforeseen fees to pop up. Be flexible and allow wiggle room for things that are truly important to you.

3. Hire credible vendors

Don't opt for that DJ because his price was so much lower than everyone else's. Trust us. Don't.

4. Be decisive

Once you make a decision, roll with it. You'll drive yourself mad if you second guess everything.

5. Comparison is the thief of joy

Comparison becomes problematic when it comes from a place of anxiety and low self-esteem. To avoid this, embrace your uniqueness and focus on what you love.

6. Spell things out for your guests

Create detailed invitations, describe your expectations, provide elaborate directions. Your guests will thank you.

7. Anticipate minor flaws in the day

No wedding in the history of weddings has had every single detail go to plan. Anticipate that there are likley going to be small bumps in the road so that it's not a total shock.

8. Share tasks

Delegate wedding related assignments to those that are willing. Make sure to provide them with ample direction so that they aren't constantly coming back to you for instructions.

9. Be kind to your body and mind

No wedding is worth sacrificing your wellness. Take care of yourself, always.

10. Set boundaries

This is applicable to so many aspects: relationships with others, time spent preparing, etc. Set boundaries to avoid burnout.

11. Don't sweat the small stuff

If you won't remember the flaw a few months from now, try not to focus your energy on it. Save it for the things that matter.

12. Be punctual

You'll only stress yourself out more if you're late for wedding related meetings or missing them all together. Save yourself and your vendors the headache and try your best to be punctual. Google calendar is a great tool for this!

13. Consider hiring a wedding planner

We've said it once and we'll say it again, a wedding planner will make the planning of your wedding day a breeze. We strongly urge you to consider this if finances allow for it.

14. Create a detailed plan B

Inclement weather, broken items, missing pieces are all possibilities on your wedding day. Make sure to map out a detailed plan B if anything were to go astray on your wedding day.

15. Create checklists and timelines

We cannot stress this enough. Get yourself a cute planner- Marshalls, Winners and Amazon have plenty. Write down EVERYTHING.

16. Remember your why

Take a step back and remember why you are hosting this wedding- to celebrate the love you have for your partner.

17. Make sleep a priority

Your mental and physical health will greatly suffer if you do not prioritize your sleep. This means no staying up until 2:00 AM scouring the internet for the perfect guestbook. There's always tomorrow.

18. Be realistic

We're all human in the wedding industry. Be realistic and be kind.

19. Practice gratitude

If wedding stresses are bubbling within, try turning to a journal and practicing gratitude. You would be surprised how your perspective changes after only one sit down session.

20. When in doubt, talk it out

There's no use keeping your worries and anxieties within until you explode. Have a concern? Talk about it. Cold feet? Talk about it. Nervous about the meal serving style? Talk about it.

21. Ask questions if uncertain

We often hear: " Sorry for all the questions." Don't be sorry- we rather you ask than not have everyone on the same page.

22. Reconnect with your partner

Skip town, go on a date, do whatever you need to do to reignite the flame that stresses can sometimes steal.

23.Take advantage of free apps

In today's world there are so many online resources at your disposal when it comes to wedding planning. Consider looking into Wedding Wire, Canva, The Knot and more!

24. Take breaks from wedding talk

It's okay to talk about other things than your wedding, in fact it's encouraged! Talking about other topics in life can help take your mind off the stresses for a bit.

25. Prepare for post wedding blues

Wedding planning is often an all-encompassing season of life. You may feel relieved once the wedding is over or you may feel sad. Either way, brace yourself and ride the wave.

26. Address toxicity

Try your best to address toxicity as it happens. This means reflecting on the feelings and experiences you have felt as a result of someone's specific behavior and bringing it up to them in hopes of finding a solution and preventing recurrence. Unfortunately, sweeping things under the rug, will only build up within and can come out at unforunate times, we've sadly seen it on the wedding day itself.

27. Realize it's a milestone not the outcome

We urge you to take a step back and realize that though your wedding is an enormous step in life, it is just that- a milestone. Life will go on and there is plenty to look forward to afterwards.

28. Take social media with a grain of salt

Nothing you see on social media is truly as it is. Remember that.

29. Vent when needed

Need to get something off your chest? Vent about it. Grab your closest friend and let it all out. If you're lucky, they'll support you and maybe even offer some advice if needed.

30. Decide to have fun!

We believe that perspective is everything. If you decide that your wedding journey will be a fun, exciting time in your life, it might just happen! Remember to laugh often, cry when you need and let what will be, be.

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